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Potted history of ABNB


First shoots

ABNB started life as the brainchild of Andy Burnett whilst he was the Technical Editor of Waterways World, the popular magazine still at the forefront today. In the early 1990's brokers would only sell boats that were taken to their sales base but many vendors were reluctant to abandon their pride and joy, even though they were selling. Andy Burnett Narrowboat Brokerage pioneered and perfected selling boats from their home moorings, which enabled the vendors to participate in the sales process - an opportunity welcomed by many.

Sales base established

As the business grew, Andy resigned from Waterways World and concentrated full time on building the Andy Burnett Narrowboat Brokerage into a thriving business to the point where an office with full time staff was needed and Crick Wharf became the home of ABNB. Paul & Lesley Mudie were employed by Andy & Christine Burnett to staff the office at Crick Wharf and soon ABNB was firmly established as a leading broker of quality boats.

In April 2013 ABNB were able to add Crick Marina & Cropredy Marina to their list of partner marinas effectively doubling their presence in the Crick area offering used boats for sale.

Ownership transfer

When Andy & Christine retired in 2004, they sold the company to Paul & Lesley Mudie who continued to run ABNB in much the same manner - why mend something that isn't broken! Paul & Lesley lived on a narrowboat on site, were still hands-on and employed additional staff to assist both at Crick and when inspecting craft.

Disaster and recovery

Sadly Lesley died after losing her fight with Scleroderma in June 2009. Two new directors were appointed - Paul & Sheila Smith whose boating experience and expertise have been well proven - putting the 'new' company in a strong position to move forward into the new decade.

Since the latter end of 2011, after ABNB acquired the Lease for Crick Wharf, work has been underway to improve the whole site. However this will be undertaken sensitively, with the emphasis on offering quiet and secluded moorings for you to enjoy.

Present day

ABNB is now in the ownership of Paul & Sheila Smith & Justin Green, whose intention is to continue running the company in much the same way as it has always been. The aim is to provide the standard of service of yesteryear, which is so often missing in today's self-centered hectic lifestyle and our commitment to providing a friendly, professional service is second to none.

With the company now involving more people than ever before - the team, all with boating experience, encompasses all aspects of the cut and it is difficult to envisage an area of the canal world in which we wouldn't be able to offer you constructive advice and support - be it realising your dream or hanging up your windlasses.

Updated July 2018

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